n i g h t f a l l c o l l e c t i o n

by M-O-R-S-E


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Singular and unformatted artistic proposal, nightfallcollection consists of somewhat 2:30 43 tracks written, produced and /or performed by M-O-R-S-E. A non-standard format for a project which is nevertheless, somewhere between archive, snapshot, inventory and mixtape… Even if, as its name suggests, “collection” remains probably the more appropriate term.

Diving as personal as subjective in a limbic system with multiple ramifications, nightfallcollection flirts with R'n'B, electro, synth pop, vaporwave, power-ambient, variety, trap and cloud-rap without ever really choosing sides. We must also say that M-O-R-S-E, eternal figure of a broken-hearted 2.0 drama-boy having a try on a desperate quest to link URL to IRL, sees primarily itself as an outsider among outsiders, even if his dematerialized melancholy is actually a (distorted) echo of a tendance to the hyper-contemporary virtual fetishizing.

Nevertheless, and as paradoxical as it may seems at first, nightfallcollection is primarily a collaborative project. Of the forty-or-so pieces composing it, over thirty are the result of collaboration, whether at the writing, production, or interpretation level. Built on somewhat a year, the project brings together in this way and alongside of M-O-R-S-E artistes like EKIM, Darko Villanova, King Doudou, Musique Chienne, Flaré, Kassett & Samuelspaniel, BLKKOUT, THEEDESTINATION, Maaker & Ology, Coucou Chloé, Oklou, Lauren Auder, Flagalova, Claude Barbara, Doule, Lylyrose, GRISFX, d e t e n t e, TG Gondard, Lila Blue Craven, Christine Denamur, y y y, Faeriey, Kadahn, Reyz, Adamas, Gumzero… A sort of musical adoption family, both hyper and interconnected, which almost could be reflective of a musical micro-scene for as long as we pay enough attention.

Finally, as your chronic attentiveness deficit disorder has probably allowed you to see before, nightfallcollection is not only a musical project. Built around video materials made by Karla Juric, Marta D. & Tea D. Strazicic, Johann Bouché-Pillon, Teddy Lukunku & Naïm Aït-Sidhoum, Estefania De Armero and the search engines of YouTube and Dailymotion, the short hypnotic video loops going with each track are not limited to their simple illustrative status, but are instead true visual counterpoints to the troubled and dramatized M-O-R-S-E sound’s universe. An additionnal gateway to access to these hypnagogic autotuned lands immersed in a perpetual digtal fog, inhabited by furtive lost souls gone to covertly warm them up under neon lights glow.

Damien Grimbert


released March 1, 2016

Cover art by Karla Juric - www.instagram.com/karla_kul



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